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Old Monroe Tax Resolution

Failure to comply with both federal and state tax laws cannot be good for anyone. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Old Monroe Department of Revenue (MO DOR) are not the easiest to deal with, and if you face them ill-prepared, you can lose your chance of mitigating the situationโ€”incurring penalties and possibly facing some jail time.

irs attorneyIn order to ensure that all your tax issues are settled efficiently or to prevent any conflict with the tax authorities in the first place, call our Old Monroe tax resolution experts today!

Defense Tax Partners offers a comprehensive list of legal services that guarantee to resolve all your troubles with the IRS and the DOR. We can prepare your tax returns, help settle your tax debts, represent you during a tax audit, and defend you against a tax evasion charge, among many others.

Regardless of the problem youโ€™re currently facing, our tax experts lead you to a favorable resolution and help you improve in your financial and tax management!

Call Defense Tax Partners at (314) 916-4474 for your Free Consultation with a Old Monroe Tax Resolution expert!

Resolving Tax Debt

Owing money to the IRS and the DOR is something you should address as soon as you can. If you fail to satisfy your tax liabilities or to at least make arrangements and partial payments, your debts will exponentially increase along with the fines and penalties for not paying them on time. Worse, the IRS can even seize your assets to get you to settle your debts.

Fortunately for you, Defense Tax Partners is a trusted law firm that is experienced in handling various types of tax debt cases. Regardless of the amount of your debt, your current financial status, or earning potential, we can help you find the most suitable way of relieving your tax liabilities.

Here are some of your tax debt relief options:

  1. Installment Agreement
  2. Currently Not Collectible Status
  3. Offer in Compromise Program
  4. Filing for Bankruptcy
  5. Innocent Spouse Relief
  6. Penalty Abatement
  7. Statute of Limitations

Establishing IRS Audit Defense

florida tax attorneyIncluded in our Old Monroe tax resolution services is representing you during a tax audit. As soon as you receive the notice for an audit, immediately contact us so we can help you prepare all the necessary documents required by the IRS.

Whether the process is being conducted through a correspondence audit, office audit, or field examination, our tax lawyers are always ready to help you prepare. From organizing the required documents to representing you during an appointment with the IRS, we will utilize every possible way to clear any discrepancy in your account and, if necessary, reduce the penalties you have to pay.

Creating a Strong Tax Fraud Defense

If you are being accused and investigated for tax fraud, hiring an expert defense attorney can make all the difference between serving time in jail and mitigating the penalties to the minimum. Defense Tax Partners is one of the trusted law firms who always guarantee the most satisfactory result for each case we represent.

Our lawyers have already handled practically all types of tax fraud cases, and weโ€™re confident that we can help you as much as weโ€™ve satisfactorily helped all our previous clients. We will create the best defense strategy for you by assessing the severity of your alleged violation, the IRSโ€™ existing evidence against you, and what evidence we have (if any) to prove the lack of fraudulent intent behind any error in your account.

Depending on the unique facts in your case, we can reduce your penalties or even dismiss your charge altogether!

Reliable and Trusted Tax Law Firm

We know that running into trouble with the IRS or the DOR is the last thing you would want in this already stressful time. Tax issues are not only mentally exhausting to deal with but are also putting your financial stability at risk. So if you want to ensure the best outcome for your situation, work with Defense Tax Partners today!

Tax AttorneysOur Old Monroe tax resolution experts are well-versed in dealing with all sorts of tax-related cases, whether they are issues with the IRS or the state DOR. We will carefully assess your case, discuss your best legal actions, and brief you on what possible penalties you will face in the end.

Even better, our legal services extend beyond what is mentioned above. We also offer the following:

  1. Tax relief
  2. Tax return preparation
  3. Tax lien removal
  4. Bank levy removal
  5. Wage garnishment removal
  6. Passport reinstatement

You also donโ€™t have to worry about our service fees. Since we are here to help you settle your tax issues and eventually help you reach financial stability, we make sure that our services can be availed at reasonable rates.

Free Consultation Today

Old Monroe Tax Resolution defense tax partners logo 300x65Do you want to make sure that your tax return is accurate and promptly filed? Do you need help in paying your tax debts? Are you facing an impending audit or tax fraud investigation?

Act immediately and ask for legal assistance right away!

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